who is hope

HOPE is a registered charity in Canada with branches from coast to coast. We are connected to 52 nonprofit partners, have HOPE branches in 12 high schools and 6 universities, and involve over 3000 youth in our network annually.

Nonprofit Partners

High Schools


Youth in our Network

Our Mission

We work with young people to empower their local and global communities. We believe that youth can be doing much more as humanitarians, so we create spaces and systems that facilitate this.

Our programs

HOPE 4 Community enrolls youth in a 12-month curriculum teaching them leadership skills such as team management and public speaking. Each youth is also matched to a community organization for the course of the year where they are encouraged to apply these skills to help increase capacity for their community partner and inject new ideas into existing organizations.

12 months

leadership skill development

match with a community organization

work together to increase capacity

contribute new ideas