Hope for community

The HOPE for Community program is created to connect students with organizations who need specialized volunteers and to provide organizations with skilled workers. As well as connecting students to opportunities, our program provides monthly training, mentoring and reflection to ensure all of our students are consistently developing new skills! We have carefully crafted our process to ensure that each student receives personal attention to better achieve their individual goals! 

If you are a young person interested in recieving a HOPE Scholarship, or a Community Partner organization looking for student volunteers, please fill out the appropriate form below. We will contact you soon regarding your place on our waiting list.



  • Increase capacity for existing programs and develop new programs
  • Our partner organizations can develop new projects with students who are aligned with their mission and vision
  • Create potential joint events between community organizations, such as charity galas and fundraisers, which increases social responsibility and brand awareness in the community
  • Help students meet volunteering requirements for graduation or university admission with personalized and relevant opportunities

Skills- based Curriculum

Through our HOPE for Community program, we empower our Community Leaders to have the skills and confidence to add value to our partner organizations. Our annual 12-month curriculum champions this idea by teaching Community Leaders important and tangible skills, such as event-planning, public speaking, fundraising strategies, and many more. 

The workshops are created and facilitated by Workshop Leads who have relevant expertise and Community Leaders can learn how to apply tangible skills in their new volunteer roles. We would like to acknowledge and thank all of our Workshop Leads and guest speakers for their contributions, including:

  • Farah AlHomoud, Youth Worker at SUCCESS
  • Rianna Tan, HR Generalist at FRPD
  • Taylor Swift, Marketing Student at University of British Columbia
  • Shruti Swami, Founder and President of Project Blue Drop 
  • David Kang, Co-Founder and Director at Project Aurora Mental Health Foundation 
  • Miguel A. Rozo, Founder and Former Director at IdeasXChange 
  • Ehtesham Azad, Former Program Coordinator at S.U.C.C.E.S.S
  • Mikaela Joy, President of UBC HOPE and HOPE Digital Marketing Officer
  • Sara Reimanis, Outreach Student Assistant for Geering Up at UBC
  • Sofia Allueva, HOPE Community & Shelter Coordinator and Former Women’s Initiative Director