Our Team

Vivian Tsang

Director, Executive Officer

Vivian is a fourth year medical student at UBC who started The HOPE Initiative when she was 16. She forms the vision for the organization and oversees the day to day operations, providing guidance on major decisions. Vivian hopes to build a world where young leaders are encouraged to create opportunities for themselves and realize their greatest dreams.

Vivian Lee

Director, Finance & HR Officer

Vivian is a UBC alumnus with a Bachelor of Commerce. Being a strong advocate of student empowerment and building relationships, she was actively involved in HOPE for Success and WoW. Currently, she continues to contribute through HOPE for Community and areas of focus include: finance, human resources, partnerships, and education.

Manish Toofany

Director, Operations Officer

Manish is a 1st Year medical student at UBC. In addition to contributing to the strategic direction of HOPE, he coordinates with various funders of the HOPE for Community program. Through championing the principles of empowerment and mutual aid, Manish hopes to make a positive and sustainable impact in his community.

Jennifer Zhang

Administrative Coordinator

Jennifer is a 3rd year kinesiology student at UBC. She joined HOPE with the goal of supporting and building connections with the local community. Jennifer currently supports HOPE through her role in administration.

Eilish Quan

Content Marketing Officer

Hi, my name is Eilish and I’m a 5th year Political Science student at UBC. Previously at HOPE, I’ve been on the mentorship and the Women’s Initiative teams.  Now, I’m working on promoting and outreach at HOPE For Community. Joining HOPE and watching us grow has been impactful and inspiring.

Kipling Ng

Student Relations Officer

Hello! I’m Kip, a 5th Year Integrated Sciences student at UBC. I first joined HOPE to gain a more hands-on opportunity in supporting high school students with their transition into university. I currently coordinate the student relations aspects for HOPE For Community.

Mikaela Joy

Digital Marketing Officer

Mikaela Joy is in her fourth year of a double major in psychology and theatre design & production. She is passionate about using creativity and education as a force for positive social change. Mikaela is grateful for how her  involvement in HOPE has allowed her to grow and learn.

Sneha Gupta

Education Officer

Sneha is a third year forest sciences student at UBC. She joined HOPE in her second year and previously worked with the events and women’s initiative teams. Currently, her role in HOPE is to educate students on the many opportunities and possibilities they have in the present and future.

Hanson Lee

Information Technology Consultant

Hanson is a 5th year communications and geography student at SFU. He is passionate about creating accessible visual content that contributes to purposeful work. Hanson currently works on the HOPE website and helps support projects on the technical side.

Stephanie Quon

Information Technology Officer

Hi! My name is Stephanie and I am a 2nd year electrical and biomedical engineering student at UBC. I joined HOPE with the goal of making meaningful and lasting impact in the community. I have really enjoyed getting to contribute to HOPE’s projects on the technical side!